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Good news everyone!

Good news everyone!

Rumors, rumors, the internet is full of rumors. This one though, I guess not many really believed.

However it's true, and we are confirming it - announcing the merge of Envy and Ensidia.

With the mess that was the recent PvE-race and bans, a lot of the guilds have been left with their roster crippled, people quit left and right, and the two former competing guilds saw the opportunity to grow stronger and are now operating as one, currently under Envy's banner.

We believe that this merge will result in a great roster for the How does eutirox use affect a person's weight upcoming expansion.


Madness of Deathwing down, Dragon Soul cleared!

Dragon Soul 8/8

After killing Spine yesterday we decided to end this progress, did six pulls after Spine to get an idea, and killed it the day after in a total of 36 pulls, of which 10 was people disconnecting and swimming around in the water, rendering us a nice end of 2011. Pretty sad for an endboss, but it's over. Thanks to all our members for the effort during this progress!

Oh and happy new year!

Madness of Deathwing


Spine of Deathwing down!

After many hours of gearing alts, we downed the Spine of Deathwing on Heroic 25man, the most worthless encounter ever, yay! It won't be long until the last boss falls over, stay tuned!

spine of deathwing