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LFR & Dragon Soul week 1

Lets go Dragon Soul! Finally half a year of waiting is over, fuck yeah.

We started by doing two of the remaning Firelands runs, and followed it up by farming trash in DS to get everyone the boe belts and all the patterns for crafting. Afterwards we did one clear in LFR with a few mains and alts, and went back to Firelands again for some 10man clear. During this 10man a few people were on a break and at some point they came across wierd-looking lootlogs from various top-guilds. These logs were clearly visible in the armory and we realised they are up to something. So with our current world rank and preassure to not fall behind, we figured out how to do it to get as many upgrades and real health the prostate formula reviews tier tokens as possible. We knew this was clearly a feature, or a bug if you will.

The talk among the officers went something like 'FML" when we realised we had to run this crappy LFR 50 times to optimize and not give the other guilds any advantage, who were already doing LFR for a while. We had a heated discussion for quite some time, but at the end of the day we concluded that we are not interested in keeping an, over the years, seemingly worthless moral highground as we did on, for example, Atramedes and ended up losing precious world ranks. So we go and do our runs until our eyes bleed and finally a blue post from Bashiok shows up on the (US) forums saying that "players should know better". Of course we do, and we gratefully stop the mindless LFR as soon as something apparently is being made about it.

Of course we knew better. We don't have an excuse. We don't feel like we should be making an excuse. We are explaining why we did it. That's it. The board was set, the ball was in motion, we decided to go for it. So now we are banned for 8 days and our progress starts a week later than for most other guilds, and it will be interesting to see how we do with 8 days dissadvantage, instead of the normal 1 day.

- Envy.


And so finally Blizzard decided to stomp down the big foot of making an example, getting their thumb out of wherever it was located, to show the community and the top guilds that cheating is no longer ok. There was much rejoicing and lupoitalianoorg we are now banned for 8 days. That's fine, we took the risk. Some part of me is extremely sad with how this turned out, and some part of me is extremely happy. I'm personally happy that there now seems to be a real punishment for abusing stuff within the game. This is great, as it will most likely prevent it from happening in the future. The punishment is harsh, basically removing one week of heroic/normal items from the guilds, which they cannot afford if they want to compete at the highest level. It's amazing that something is actually being done. For once. I can only hope that they keep doing the same punishments in the future, perhaps even with some consistency.

I'm sad because some clown overlooked a broken LFR and flagged it "OK" to patch it live, when it was obviously broken and was likely reported numerous times during PTR. Or maybe it wasn't since no-one could be arsed to test that content. It sucks that the communication between Blizzard and my guild, and probably other high-end guilds is completely none-existant. I don't even know, but last time I bothered, and I honestly stopped a long time ago, I could not even use the EU forums to adress something, because nobody even reads it. It sucks that PTRs are scheduled on a whim, and when they are scheduled in advance for us to test it, it's taken down. There are a lot of things that suck and I feel communication is probably the biggest of them. I don't even want to test stuff on the PTR, I just go there to see the bosses because it's such a pain in the ass just going there, hoping and waiting to help Blizzard test content. Perhaps it's time to invite and schedule things with a few select guilds for extra testing on the PTR. So they feel like they are actually a part of something and helping out, rather than being annoyed by broken bosses in the middle of the night and getting frustrated with broken content rendering bans.

- Dusk.

/end rant


New website and forums are now online

Welcome to the brand new website of Envy! While the old one was fashionable, it wasn't very user-friendly, so we switched to a bit more easygoing site, and our goals are to update way more frequent. If you were stalking the old forums, you will have to register on the new one, find the green login button in the top right corner and go right ahead!

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Ragnaros 25man Heroic World 3rd!

Well I guess it's not really news, but something nice to watch before Dragon Soul movies start popping up.